New Career Coordinator at MHS

New Career Coordinator at MHS!
Posted on 10/14/2019

Welcome to your future at MHS! I am the Career Coordinator. With a background in human resources and youth development, I am excited to work with students to explore, research and experience careers. I also liaise with businesses and post-secondary education to coordinate opportunities that will prepare our students for college or career.

Early exposure to careers is essential for students to make well informed decisions about their career possibilities. In our high school, all Eighth grade students participate in a dedicated careers class. Students develop essential skills and a foundation to build success with wide and varied exposure to careers.

I am available to assist students with individualized career activities to help them determine their best post-secondary pathway. Exposure can occur through job shadows, self-assessments, business tours, onsite work experiences, on the job training in determined career pathways, exposure to multiple levels of post-secondary education and other supported career activities. Interested in your future? Contact me to begin!